Welcome to Easy Tickets

What's it about?
It's an easy to use Discord bot for every type of server that has people that need help! Click here to invite the bot to your Discord server.
Carefully crafted
Is has been developed with ease of use in mind. It get tested by multiple people before we release it to ensure it just works when people get access to it.
Easy to setup!
It takes one command to get it up and running. Nothing more. Just run ez!setup in your server and it will do all the hard work. You don't have to worry about messing up permisions for the support role and leaking all of your tickets.
Reaction Tickets! 🆕
Say goodbye to the times of using commands and say hello to Reaction Tickets! Your users have to click one button to open a ticket.
Always up and running!
We make sure the bot will always be online (and we mean 24/7!). If the networks goes down we'll get the bot up and running somewhere else in no time.
We will never ask for money to keep the bot running. We'd rather limit it to current servers than as people for money. People should be able to help their users without having to pay. Of course accept donations if you feel like it, but only if you feel like it via this page
Handy logs!
Want to see what happened in the chat? That's understandable. That's why the bot creates handy logs that can be viewed with the press of a button. It's will also be sent to the person who openend the ticket so they also have a point of reference in the future.
What are you waiting for? Invite me!
It's already in 3700+ servers and it will totally find it's place in your server! So far we've handled about 275k tickets. Click here to invite the bot to your Discord server.